Adventures in Adopting a Waiting Child; Why do I want this?

I’ve been questing my reasons for wanting to adopt. There are several reasons. Certainly, I miss my son and it’s bitter sweet that my daughter is now 20 and doesn’t think of me as cool anymore (don’t doubt; I am very cool).

My wife and I recently got married and she asked me last night if I wanted to adopt a child because I was unhappy with her. Surely, this is definitely not the case. On the contrary, she’s perfect in her own crazy way and I couldn’t be happier with our relationship. We will be together 10 years this year.

I think we will be blessed, I think we will benefit it many ways, I think adopting a child will make our lives rich, but that is not why I want to do this. The only reason I can honestly say I want to do this is because, I simply must. I’m on this earth for a brief time and this is what I’m called to do while I’m here. Don’t tell S (my wife), but I predict we will end up with more than one. In this life, all you have are connections and relationships. What a beautiful circle of connectedness that family is. Think about how this is making a difference in one life? The path for this young person will be changed forever! Hopefully for the better! Why isn’t everyone doing this?



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