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Adventures in Adopting a Waiting Child; Christmas Vacation 2016

We had a week off together for Christmas Vacation, “S” and I. She’s an administrator at a High School, so she had the week off. I took a week’s vacation so we could just enjoy the holidays, I work in administration for a State College.  We enjoyed the heck out of our relaxing holidays.

I’ve been talking about the idea of getting a foster child or for years. I’ve even tossed around the idea of option. Of course, S reminds me I’m suffering from empty nest since my daughter is turning 20 and my son recently joined the Marines and would not be home for the Holidays. The empty nest part is true, but that is not my deciding factor about wanting to adopt a kid in the system.

S doesn’t’ know, but I often peruse the photo listings of waiting children. It’s my calling to care for those that need caring for. I’m not the most gentle or nurturing, but I love pretty darn hard and I make no apology for it. It is who I am. I am concerned about others’ comfort and I want to make people feel safe. It is who I am, it is my calling. The truth, I don’t even mind sacrificing if I know it’s for someone who really needs it more than me. I thought I was warped or broken, but I’ve come to the conclusion that there are all types of people, and that is who I am. I love hard and it’s okay.

Anyway, during Christmas/Hanukkah dinner S announced to her family that I wanted to adopt a foster child and everyone seemed to think it was  great idea. S later confessed that she herself might be getting more comfortable with the idea. We have a nice home, good jobs, and at least one extra bedroom. We would really make great parents. I have two great kids that S has helped me raise for the last 9 almost 10 years. She never had kids, but I’m certain she would make a great mom. We would give a kid a pretty decent life! I just know it!

Can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!